About us.

Working at Paranor

Of course, the Internet is full of offers of everyday jobs at run-of-the-mill IT companies. But the fact that you are here shows that you are looking for something a bit more special – at a company that is anything but "everyday".

At Paranor we believe that a good salary, flexible working hours, and free coffee are nowhere near enough to set yourself apart as a great employer. In times of ever-rising demands, aspects like trust, creative possibilities, and demanding challenges are what really count. At Paranor we offer our colleagues an environment in which they feel happy, are given the opportunity to flourish, and are motivated to achieve exceptional performance levels. And because software can only be developed in an environment that is characterized by trust, we encourage employees to bring new ideas to the table, try things out, and learn to take unconventional approaches. Things may not always work straight away, and sometimes mistakes are made. But we learn together from these mistakes – and we draw the right conclusions from them.


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Work environment

Values and advantages

People are the key to everything, and IT is no different in this regard. Our employees – from trainees to highly-qualified specialists – are what makes the difference. They fill Paranor with life. We have a lot to offer them and you.

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Little things that make all the difference

When it comes to work, it is not just the big picture that has to fit. The details are also vital. This is why the so-called little things are so important to us at Paranor.

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Wahlendorf? Wahlendorf!

We believe you can develop good software anywhere in the world. So why did we choose Wahlendorf for our company headquarters? Because it offers a calm and beautiful place to work, right in the middle of unspoiled nature. But we can be at home anywhere – and, depending on the project, our employees also have the option of working on-site at our customers in Bern or Zurich or even from home. Our employees are nothing if not mobile and flexible. 


Careers at Paranor

To ensure that we can fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers, Paranor employs absolute experts in the following fields.

  • Application Engineer

  • Software Engineer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Project Leader

  • User Experience Architect

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Further training at Paranor

Get ahead at Paranor

As a company, we want to be right at the cutting edge of new technology and new methods. This is why we encourage our employees to keep furthering their education and gaining new qualifications – both individually and across the company. We constantly compare notes and create the freedoms that allow colleagues to experiment with new technologies and methods. We never stop learning – every day is full of new discoveries.

We also help young professionals to advance their careers. Among other things, we offer work placements and master thesis mentoring for university graduates.