About us.


IT is highly complex. This is why we adopt a very structured way of thinking at Paranor – there is a method behind our approach and behind the way we work.

Firstly: We think before we do anything. At Paranor, “Think” stands for analytical and creative thinking, strategy, consulting, innovation. First and foremost, Paranor is involved right at the forefront of new technology – a position from where the company devises visionary solutions.

Secondly: We are IT architects. We build digital solutions. At Paranor, “Build” stands for design, engineering, integration, automation and modernisation. Paranor is a developer, builder and supporter, with access to a wide range of different resources and great flexibility.

Thirdly: We keep pushing ourselves by constantly refining our solutions and developing them further. At Paranor, “Evolve” not only stands for rigorous further development of our solutions and products, but also for our primary objective – the sustainable, long-term development of our customer business.