Technical know-how during continuous change

The IT industry constantly throws up new innovations. As a Swiss IT service provider, Paranor helps companies to successfully exploit the digitization process for their objectives. Paranor focuses on knowledge and shifts in knowledge – and on how to translate them into practice.

Software engineering processes

Software engineering is our trade. We invest a great deal in well-functioning, smooth software engineering processes. And our customers benefit from this knowledge.


Red Hat products                    

Open-source projects are important components in modern software development. With its subscription model, Red Hat makes open-source components fit for enterprise environments. 


Cloud integration

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without cloud computing. Whether you want to use the cloud as an infrastructure (infrastructure-as-a-service, IaaS) or take advantage of individual cloud services, we can help you.


Software architecture

Paranor has been developing software for 40 years that meets the highest standards in terms of reliability, processing speed and security. This can only work with well thought-out architecture.


Data architecture      

Every year, data from more than four million customers and more than one billion transactions per year are saved in systems that are developed and built by us. This is only possible with profound knowledge in the field of data architecture.


System design

System design ensures the availability, performance, resilience and security of the software in its real application environment. Intelligent system design looks after these aspects without losing sight of the costs.