Paranor understands the IT trends in your industry.

In numerous industries, digitization is revolutionising previous business models in anything from small steps to massive quantum leaps, simplifying processes and maximising customer benefits along the way. Paranor understands the IT trends in many industries and can offer you close support as a visionary insider and IT expert.

Financial sectors

IT solutions for the financial sector

Paranor is at home in the world of finance. We support renowned financial service providers with targeted assistance that helps them to build on their success.

Transport sector

IT solutions for the transport sector

Paranor can offer specialised knowledge in the transport industry, where it is actively involved with several customers in the segment. 

Public administration

IT solutions for public administration

Paranor simplifies administration and supports administration departments on their path to implementing eGovernment solutions.

Service providers

IT solutions for competitive service providers

Paranor helps companies in the services sector to digitize and scale their services.


IT solutions for the Swiss Army

Paranor has security-checked personnel and is your trusted partner for classified military projects.