A new Investment Cockpit for Finnova

In the form of its Finnova Banking Software , software developer Finnova from Lenzburg offers a product portfolio that is used in over 100 banks in Switzerland. With success comes obligations, and Finnova is committed to continuously improving and developing its products. One example of this is the Portfolio Management System (PMS), which is being equipped with a new Investment Cockpit. Paranor is helping to shape the development of this new cockpit.

Next-generation asset management

More and more banks in the largest banking community in Switzerland are using the Portfolio Management System (PMS) from Finnova for their investment business. The main reason for this is the integrated approach – after all, the solution is based on tried-and-tested business functions and uses existing databases.

With the Investment Cockpit, the company is now producing the next generation of an Asset Management application. In the first phase, users will be given the opportunity to individually design the way their managed portfolios are monitored in the form of dashboards so that any need for action can be detected as early as possible. In the second phase, the focus will be on integrated and automated order processing.

The user interface of the Investment Cockpit is web-based and uses state-of-the art user experience design principles. The goal is an appealing appearance and highly intuitive operability.

To ensure that the Investment Cockpit meets the expectations and requirements of the customers, a Product Sounding Board comprising representatives of different bank types helps to shape the functionality at every stage of the development.

Designed for mass processing

The architecture of the Investment Cockpit and the technologies used were chosen by Finnova with a primary focus on high performance and scalability. In the back end the Investment Cockpit docks with the Finnova Core Suite, while a Spring Boot application runs in in the middle tier in OpenShift containers, and NGINX is used as the content provider. This enables a very large number of user sessions.

The web user interface has been built with the front-end framework Angular. A Node Package with Angular components was created for code sharing. Angular Material is used for the user interface components.

Collaboration based on trust

Paranor has been supporting Finnova with this project since the start of 2018. The collaboration came about because Paranor was able to offer broad experience in the finance industry and had the planned technologies at its disposal in its portfolio. In the meantime, this has evolved into a cooperation based on a high level of trust. The main focus is always on the joint success of the Investment Cockpit.

Further information about the Investment Cockpit can be found here: