Digital Business Development for procorp

The company procorp GmbH is an internationally active consultancy firm that uses a total cost of ownership (TCO) approach to deliver fleet vehicle acquisition and transport services. Paranor was given the opportunity to accompany the independent service provider and help expand its digital strategy and develop a Fleet Procurement Platform.

The company procorp GmbH has been active since 2012 and has been able to make a name for itself in the field of cost optimisation for vehicle fleets. Despite the small size of the company, procorp has an extensive customer base with numerous prominent companies like Coop, Schindler and Valora.

procorp recognised very early on that, when it comes to IT systems, digitalisation also benefits SMEs. Right from the outset, procorp has always opted for paperless working. On the basis of Excel tools, extensive TCO calculations were performed in order to help customers find the lowest-cost fleet solution. So this was already a type of digitisation – apart from the manual steps involved. Offers from vehicle providers needed to be manually updated and consolidated, while contact data for customers, partners and suppliers were managed separately in different tools.

Patrick Ineichen, founder and CEO of procorp, quickly realised that these manual interventions slow down business growth and that the new trends with lean web applications and cloud computing services offer the possibility of automating the tendering process for fleet vehicles.

On the search for a suitable partner for this digital overhaul, he was assisted by Dr. Pascal Sieber from sieber&partners (see interview with Dr. Pascal Sieber). When the choice was made for Paranor, all the parties involved knew that this was not going to be a standard project:

  • procorp wanted to develop its digital business, but funds were limited. The chosen partner needed to be interested in a long-term commitment so that the newly created platform could be expanded and operated bit-by-bit.
  • Paranor wanted to gain a thorough understanding of the business of procorp, so that they could jointly gauge with the customer which of the platform functions needed to be made available first, and which could be added later.

With the aid of the tried and tested “Think, Build, Evolve” method, Paranor has created a solution for procorp that is technologically right up to date. The entire platform is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) by Paranor and is continuously developed and refined.

However, the “Think, Build, Evolve” approach goes way beyond the technical implementation. In the first step (“Think”), the parties discuss not only the technology, but also the other important aspects of digital transformation.

  • How do we integrate our customers and suppliers in the platform? Which functions can we offer to make our platform attractive to customers?
  • Platform-based concept: can we move away from a product-based concept and create a platform that also offers advantages to other parties?
  • The data collected on the platform is a valuable asset and should be made available in a suitable format.
  • Agile procedures, innovation through experimentation, high usability.

After this first phase, we had the implementation (“Build”) with the goal of ensuring that the platform could be operated with minimal time and cost investment and that it could be continuously developed and refined (“Evolve”).

Version 3.1 of the platform is currently running, and a fourth release is already in planning. procorp and Paranor have managed to create a platform with which the processes and cooperation with customers and suppliers are noticeably simplified during the tendering of fleet vehicles and during support processes further down the line. Even after the end of active support by procorp, the platform still offers added value to the customer. This enables procorp to position itself as an innovative company with a long-term, sustainable approach to its involvement with customers. But that isn’t everything: the platform will be further developed so that even more processes can be automated in future, which will enable procorp to take on bigger and bigger projects. In addition, it will be possible to network more value-adding partners via the platform, which will open up additional growth and value-added services.

Would you like to follow the example of procorp? We would be very happy to offer a personal consultation.

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