"No other job in my career has been as rewarding as this one"

During the course of his career, Siro Gennari has worked among other things as an IT project manager at PostFinance – precisely the company that for many years was the biggest customer of Paranor. Siro Gennari is now part of the Paranor team himself, where he is in charge of the AWAP-SW project. We would like to introduce him here briefly.

Siro, can you tell us a bit about your career background?
After my obligatory time at school in Campus Muristalden in Berne, I decided to go for basic training in mechanical engineering. During my first professional years at the company Adval Tech, as a fitter of automatic punching presses I gained experience in a process-controlled working environment. Around the turn of the millennium, I then decided to make the switch to IT. To make this possible, I completed a course in Business Information Technology at technical school, which I then followed with an MAS in Business Information Technology at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. For nearly 15 years I have now been working as an IT project manager on different IT projects. During this time, I have had the opportunity to get to know “almost” all the different types of project there are in IT.

How did the move from PostFinance to Paranor come about?
After 12 years in the role of IT project manager at PostFinance, it was time for a new challenge. I was on the search for new products in different industries, and for different customers. It was good fortune that the management of Paranor decided at the same time to hire more project managers to strengthen the skills in the company.

What are the main aspects of your activities at Paranor?
At Paranor I work as an IT Project Manager and Product Owner. My key duties include planning work and maintaining the Product Backlogs. But of course, at an IT service provider like Paranor there are many other duties, like looking after customer relationships and drawing up solution concepts. The diversity of the tasks really challenges me, but it is something I really like.

What is it like to work on digital and technology-based projects in the middle of such an idyllic, rural setting? Do you find these opposites bewildering, or do they motivate you?
It is beautiful! No other job in my career has been as rewarding and motivating as this one at Paranor. The peace and quiet and the closeness to nature mean that we can work very efficiently and with great concentration.

What hobbies and other activities do you enjoy when you are away from your work at Paranor?
As I live in Kerzers, which makes it difficult to reach my workplace in Wahlendorf on public transport, I travel by e-Bike wherever possible. This is a great opportunity to switch off from the day’s work. In addition, as a member of the club “Royal Flash” I spend some of my weekends setting up lighting and sound systems. These hands-on activities provide a good balance against the more cerebral work I do at Paranor.

Paranor - Sino Gennari