Sprengen Online

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SBFI) in the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research has been appointed by the legislator to supervise the training and examination of candidates for the award of blasting licences. Paranor is helping SBFI to build new software to manage this new scheme.

Blasting work is dangerous and must only be carried out or supervised by persons who have a blasting licence. The legislator has appointed SBFI to supervise the training and examination of candidates for the award of blasting licences. To ensure that all holders of blasting licences, all providers of blasting training courses and examinations and all other stakeholders can be brought together on a digital platform, SBFI has decided to create a corresponding new web application. With this approach it is possible to seamlessly integrate the entire process – from the initial course offering to course approvals and the administration of examination results, all the way to managing issued licences and generating the physical licences.

The corresponding web application, which is called “SpreOn” (a shortened version of the German title of the project – Sprengen Online (app for administration of blasting permissions)), is based on the programming languages Groovy and Java, the open source web application framework Grails, JavaScript and an Oracle database. The application is integrated in the landscape of the federal administration, has interfaces to the secure data exchange SEDEX and complies with the CI/CD requirements of the federal government. Login is possible via username/password, token or smartcard, and access is controlled via an eIAM service (Identity and Access Management). The licences are generated using a special card printer.

The development work was carried out within the framework of the existing development partnership with SBFI and employed agile methods.

The first version of the web application will go live in the first half of 2020, and plans are already in place for further developments. Among other things, the mobile app “SpreOn Mobile” is to be added based on Vue.js. “SpreOn Mobile” will enable the authorities to use a QR code or NFC chip to establish the validity of licences.
Committed to the “Evolve” concept, Paranor has worked together with customers and partners to create a system that is perfectly set up for expansions and upgrades. And, after the initial development, Paranor will remain available for further developments, maintenance and support.

Further information about blasting (in German, French and Italian) can be found here: