“Paranor really impressed me – right from the very first interview."

Martin Bojnansky has been working in information technology since 2013 and has already been a regular speaker at conferences. He has been working for Paranor since January 2019 and is currently working as an Angular developer in a large project. We talked to Martin in an interview and wanted to know what he likes about working for Paranor and what tips he could offer in relation to Angular.

Martin, how did you end up joining Paranor?
It all began in 2018, when my parents moved to Switzerland for a temporary period of time working abroad. My wife and I started to dream about exploring and experiencing such a beautiful country as Switzerland. Once I had completed my master’s degree, which I was doing at the same time as working, we packed our bags and moved to Switzerland to look for work. I was looking online for a suitable post, but in the end, it was a colleague of my father who recommended that I should apply to an exciting company – Paranor. Right from the very first interview, Paranor impressed me with their unconventional working environment out in nature, and with their approach of focusing on integrated, holistic and well-thought out software solutions.

Are you happy with your decision?
Definitely! Paranor is a very well-established company that offers a fabulous working atmosphere and many benefits. My colleagues are highly experienced, the work at Paranor is well organised and it is easy to concentrate on the work.

What are you currently working on?
I am working on a software project for planning construction sites in the railway sector. Along the construction sites, warning areas can be defined so that workers on the site are warned in plenty of time about approaching trains.

My task is to design and implement the graphical web user interface using an Angular framework. The project plan, with its objective of increasing worker and passenger safety, really motivates me to do my work to the best of my abilities.

What tips can you offer for working as efficiently as possible with Angular?
If you are tasked with building an Angular application that communicates via REST API with the back end, you should benefit from the advantages of automated and type safe generation of all controllers and their data transfer objects. The SpringFox library performs a very valuable service here. Online courses on the topics of Angular Architecture and Angular Best Practices, as are offered by a number of online training course platforms, will also be very helpful.