Paranor supports new certificate initiative

The non-profit association FSIE represents and promotes computer science professionals, users and customers in Switzerland. Creating the FSIE Expert certificate not only strengthens the notion of solid education and training, practical competence and the concept of life-long learning, but it also creates a quality standard for computer science. Paranor is supporting this initiative as a Gold Sponsor.

The main objective of the FSIE association is to create, publicise and establish the FSIE Expert certificate. There are three stations along the route to obtaining this certificate:

  • Proficiency in basic computer science competences
  • Commitment to complying with a professional code
  • Proof of further training and practical experience in a chosen specialisation

After initial certification, the FSIE Expert enters the phase of life-long learning and continues with further training accordingly. This is checked every three years in the form of a re-certification. As well as supporting the FSIE association as a Gold Sponsor and taking an active role in the committees, Paranor is also encouraging its own employees to obtain the certificate.