Paranor worldwide

Paranor is anchored in Switzerland, which is the home of our control centre and think-tank. But when it comes to development, sometimes we look a lot further afield. Examples of this include our team of programmers in the Philippines and our partners in the Ukraine.

When it comes to developing software and applications, Paranor can draw on international networks. In the Philippines, we have our own in-house Paranor programmers working in the fields of development and testing. This overseas office arose from personal contacts in the Philippines. Once it became clear that hiring corresponding resources would not be a viable approach and that the working conditions at other local companies did not meet our expectations, at Paranor we decided without further ado to open our own office, where we can now count on motivated employees and top-quality work and results.

Another country we are networked with is the Ukraine. Since we are too unfamiliar with the practices and framework conditions in Eastern Europe ourselves, we have instead chosen to work with reliable partners here instead. We have well-trained, enthusiastic experts working for Paranor in the front-end development of web applications. Strict quality controls ensure that the results meet the highest standards.

Despite our international network and the advantages that come from such a setup, at Paranor we still stand by our home in Switzerland as a matter of principle. It would be neither expedient nor desirable to outsource entire projects in the form of nearshoring or offshoring. The creativity, quality and know-how of our team in Switzerland are the things that make Paranor what it is. This is the only way to offer services that fully meet both our expectations and the requirements of our customers.