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For many of our customers, Adrian Kiener is the face of Paranor. As an experienced IT consultant, IT strategist and Member of the Executive Board, he understands the needs of the market as well as he understands our own in-house competences. In our short interview he talks about the profile of our ideal customers. Does it sound like you?

  • Mr Kiener, what is so special about Paranor as a Swiss IT service provider?
    No doubt our history and the wealth of experience we have gained. There are not many Swiss software companies that have been in business for 40 years like us and who have implemented projects of similar size and stature. But then also our closeness to customers. We perform on-site visits, speak the same language and really get to grips with the specific problems of our customers. The resulting solution we develop for the customer is not the only thing that is important here – instead, we see it is a means for helping to push our clients’ business forwards.


  • What does Paranor have to offer that others do not?
    One extremely important point is our very well trained and loyal employees. Thanks to them, we can offer proficiency in all the relevant areas of IT and are also able to immerse ourselves in the specialist fields of our customers. In the past 40 years, we have only had to cope with very few employees leaving the company, so we have been able to retain valuable know-how in the company. And this is something that many customers have already benefited from. Another point that makes us special is our location out in the countryside. Here we have a place of retreat that gives us a certain distance from which we can tackle challenges – and this often helps us to find more sustainable, long-term solutions. Customers and applicants alike are always thoroughly impressed when they see our offices.

Which IT and digitalisation trends are currently preoccupying your customers in the market the most?
I don’t really want to talk here about individual megatrends like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, micro services, automation or augmented/virtual reality. Of course, these are all topics that our customers are concerned about, and we use the corresponding technologies in our projects accordingly. One trend that has long moved out of the early phase of the hype cycle and has now emerged as a fully-fledged topic for production is digital platforms. Digital platforms impress with their immediacy – access from anywhere and at any time. However, there is still more to be done before digital platforms can unfold their maximum benefits. They need to satisfy the different needs of their users – a super user, for example, has different demands to an occasional user. Digital platforms also offer great help to organisations who operate internationally, so there are linguistic and cultural aspects that need to be considered when they are used around the world. Paranor offers in-depth experience in the field of digital platforms. Platforms built by us are now in use in almost 200 countries, where we offer round-the-clock support and development assistance.


Think. Build. Evolve. This is Paranor's promise, and one that is designed to get customers on the road to success. Is it really that simple?
With this simple methodology, we aim to show our customers what steps we take to solve their problems and develop their digital business. Of course, the technologies and tools used in IT today are so complex that the Think-Build-Evolve method alone would not go far enough. So, there is quite a bit more going on in the background than we let on to the outside world. We chose the Think-Build-Evolve approach to emphasise two points:

Today there is a tendency in IT to want to build things very quickly. This is generally a good thing, but it often neglects the total lifecycle costs of a digital platform. By deliberately positioning “Think” in front of “Build”, we are emphasising the importance of the thought process. Our goal is to find a cost-optimised solution together with our customers that will not only deliver the expected added value, but will also be expandable and upgradable.

This approach is emphasised by “Evolve”, the last step. Our mission is not finished once the project comes to an end. We support our customers with adaptations, changes and expansions, and actively help them to successfully evolve their digital business.


What type of customer is Paranor particularly keen on working with?
The contribution of software and data to the value creation process of every company is growing from year to year. Every company and organisation can improve itself by using suitable software and through intelligent utilisation of data, and this enables them to improve their service offering. We are particularly interested in customers who have recognised this fact and are looking for a partner with whom they can work as equals to discuss the further development of their business using digital platforms.