Successful ecovadis certification for Paranor

We have taken part in the ecovadis audit for "Corporate Social Responsibility" and are delighted to have been awarded a silver medal. The evaluation and classification of the audit takes place in accordance with defined criteria from the four subject areas of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, ethics and responsible procurement.

All the relevant aspects of the industry in which a company operates are reflected in the evaluation. The methodology employed by ecovadis for evaluation purposes corresponds to international CSR standards. To date, ecovadis had audited the activities of more than 20,000 companies in 95 countries and 145 industries. But we also believe that our contribution to the environment should be a process of continuous improvement, not a status quo. We will continue our efforts to keep improving this important aspect of our business activities, and we hope that this will soon help us climb to a higher evaluation and achieve a gold medal.