Working at Paranor

A good salary, flexible working hours and free coffee are no longer special things that set an employer apart. In a time of constantly growing requirements, today it is things like trust, creative possibilities and challenging tasks that count. At Paranor we offer our employees an environment in which they feel comfortable and are motivated to deliver exceptional performance.

Paranor has always been a trailblazer, not only in terms of technology and methodology but also in terms of working conditions. Already in the 1970s – right from the very first employee – the four founders of Paranor recognised that people and their skills are our most valuable resource. So it was absolutely obvious to them that employees should feel comfortable at work and that they should be able to structure their working hours flexibly if they were to deliver their absolute best.

We have stuck to this approach rigidly ever since, and indeed refined it in some areas. For employees of Paranor, progressive and generous terms of employment, flexible working hours and free coffee have long been a matter of course. Salaries are not only good, but also fair and transparent.

We are convinced that genuinely good software can only be created in an environment shaped by trust. This is why we encourage employees to try things out, to contribute new ideas and to learn together from the mistakes we make. This philosophy, coupled with appropriate recognition of good service and the exceptional office environment in Wahlendorf, offers a harmonious working environment that encourages people to achieve their maximum potential and helps to ensure very high levels of employee satisfaction. To ensure that we, as a company, can remain at the cutting edge in terms of technology and methodology, we encourage and fund professional training both for individuals and across the company, and we create freedoms to experiment with latest technologies and methods. Exciting projects with great challenges and shifting roles help to ensure that employees and the company keep developing continuously.

With such great focus on job content, of course we don’t forget about the individual needs of our employees. Every employee has a say in the office equipment and is free to choose his or her computer of choice. Working hours and holidays can be freely arranged within the demands of the particular project, and we trust in the ability of our employees to take responsibility for what they do. Of course, it is also possible to work from home. In terms of physical well-being, we offer free drinks, snacks and fruit. Once a month the entire Paranor workforce meets up for a Friday-night beer, we invite employees and their families to skiing or hiking weekends, and we organise barbecues and Christmas parties.

Have we got you interested in a career at Paranor? Here is a link to our current vacancies.

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