Card money @ PostFinance

The applications for managing, issuing and billing credit and debit cards are serving PostFinance faithfully. However, with the introduction of a new core banking system, it was necessary to make some fundamental changes.


Digital commerce uses three applications in the field of card money (debit and credit cards) to manage the cards, points of acceptance and transactions. Together with PostFinance, Paranor has analysed the areas in which changes are needed in order to be able to work with the new core banking system. At the same time, just like with the code adaptations, we also planned together how to improve maintainability and test coverage rates at the same time.


The following architecture and technologies were used in this project: 3-tier architecture, Oracle database, Java, REST and Eclipse RCP Client. The platform offers very high availability (24/7), as PostFinance customers and other customers access it around the clock. In this environment, all necessary adaptations and modernisation work were implemented in such a way that the applications continued to work reliably, and new functionality could be made available via two yearly release cycles.


The applications used by more than 2 million card owners now work smoothly with the new core banking system. Thanks to the long-sighted improvements, PostFinance is now able to continue developing the application much more efficiently, and maintainability has been significantly boosted.

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