Complex data presented clearly for end customers

Starcom is a Swiss company that specialises in the collection, structuring, maintenance and analysis of market data in the B2B sector. Starcom has built up know-how of markets, companies, potential and requirements over the course of many years.


To make the excellent knowledge and first-class data available for interested market players, Paranor was tasked with the realisation of two different portals. One portal for the evaluation of fleet owners and their fleets (SalesLab Fleet), and one portal for the world of pension funds and family offices as well as their investment structure (SalesLab Finance).  One aim was that it should be possible to call up the requirements of the customers intuitively with the aid of these portals, and that this information should always be up-to-date.


Both portals form part of a web application that runs on a Windows server in the Swisscom Cloud. The dashboards are generated via the Business Intelligence Tool QlikView and display all the required information at a glance. The portals have a non-secure area in which sample data is displayed for interested parties. Registered users log into the secure area, where they can access the live data.


Thanks to Paranor, Starcom is now able to highlight advantages to its customers and share the collected know-how of the company. Analyses, target group identification, leads for sales and marketing and the management of addresses, contact details and company information can be displayed at the click of a button. Maintenance of the two portals SalesLab Finance and SalesLab Fleet is performed by Paranor.

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