Customer data system – out-tasking and modernisation

Customer data system – out-tasking and modernisation PostFinance looks after almost four million post office accounts. All the data about owners and their authorisations is stored in the customer data application. Paranor looks after this system as part of an out-tasking project, helping with modernisation, further development and support.


Paranor built the customer data system for PostFinance in the 1990s, and since then the company has been tasked with further development and maintenance of the platform under the overall responsibility of PostFinance. It emerged in 2015 that adequate support for the technologies used would soon stop, and that it would be too risky to continue running the system on the basis of these technologies right up until it was due to be replaced in 2018. PostFinance and Paranor therefore agreed that the entire system should be out-tasked and placed in the hands of Paranor so that the technology could be overhauled and modernised.


As part of the out-tasking, Paranor has ensured that the platform works around the clock and that support is always available. In addition, maintenance and new developments for the application have been implemented via two update releases per year. At the same time, under its agile approach Paranor has also replaced the operating system OpenVMS with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and migrated the RdB database to Oracle DB. In the process, the agile modernisation undertaking was synchronised with a release cycle of two releases per year.


Thanks to this out-tasking approach and the modernisations that were implemented, PostFinance was able to free up important knowledge holders in its organisation for new projects. In addition, the technology base was also updated so that operating costs could be significantly reduced and the application could be based on technologies that are still well within their support lifecycles.

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