Evaluation of major savings potential for end customers

The company procorp GmbH is a consultancy firm that operates internationally in the field of fleet vehicle acquisition using a total cost of ownership (TCO) approach. Paranor was tasked with developing an efficient evaluation tool for the independent service provider.


Procorp calculates the most cost-effective fleet procurement solution for its customers. In the past, the almost endless possibilities in terms of configuration, equipment and financing options made the evaluation process extremely laborious and prone to countless sources of errors. Intelligent and powerful software was required in order to automate the consultancy process and make it more effective.


Paranor developed a state-of-the-art single-page web app that enables procorp to automate its fleet procurement consultancy process. The application contains a CRM component for managing the data of customers, partners, suppliers and potential clients. The software guides procorp and its partners through the procurement process and provides a TCO evaluation tool that enables integrated consolidation of all offers. The TCO costs are presented in a price matrix for each tendered vehicle model based on the term/mileage combination (costs over the full term, costs per month, costs per km).


Paranor helped procorp to find a tailored solution – and one that revolutionised the unique selling proposition of the company. The methodology has been successfully tried and tested many times in practice, both for purchasing and leasing of fleets. Paranor also remains at the side of the customer for operation, maintenance and further development.

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