Expertise in SW architectures for banking solutions

SunGard set itself an ambitious goal: the company aimed to completely re-develop its entire banking solution within just a short space of time. To ensure that the architecture of the new solution would be future-proof after implementation, SunGard decided to call in an outside opinion.


Paranor was chosen for this project thanks to the company’s long-standing expertise in high-performance, expandable banking solutions. A banking solutions expert immersed himself in the challenge and was deployed on-site at the development locations of SunGard.


After a detailed study of the documents and intensive discussions with the client’s software architects, Paranor was in a position to offer SunGard key pointers for improving the software architecture. Paranor documented these findings, which were gained by studying documents and interviewing developers and architects. The outcome of this consulting assignment was architecture expertise and performance targets for the implementation strategy for the development department of the customer.


The expertise of Paranor enabled SunGard to improve its software architecture and choose a suitable implementation strategy. This helped avoid numerous errors and visibly accelerated the downstream development process. With the adapted software architecture, SunGard was able to create a solid basis for the further development of its core banking solution.

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