Generator for business types

Avaloq is a manufacturer of core banking software. In this system, business types play a central role. Several hundred different business types exist, all of which were developed manually based on a programmer's guide. With this approach, it was not possible to ensure that patterns were followed, and architecture changes were virtually impossible to track. The aim of this project was to optimise the business types.


Paranor opted for the model-driven development approach (MDD). The plan was to establish patterns from the existing business types, and to then reverse-engineer the models and metamodels. The models were to be saved in a model repository and transformed using Eclipse modelling tools so that code could be generated from the models.


Thanks to the reverse engineering and modelling competences of Paranor, the project was implemented as planned. In this project, Paranor was the general contractor and was thus responsible throughout the development for the idea, implementation and introduction. The project was implemented using the Scrum framework.


The transitioning of business types into models offered the advantage that new business types could be generated 3-5 times faster and a quality guarantee could be issued. Faults in the manually written code were identified and remedied. Today, architecture changes can be completed without major manual input, as over 60% of the code is generated automatically.

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