Improved controls for Swiss airspace

The Swiss Army instructed Paranor to develop a reliable observation and reporting system for Swiss airspace. Physical observations from the whole of Switzerland are registered and evaluated in this system.


Before the project was implemented, it was not possible to register all air and ground movements via electronic sensors and to map them within a short time using the existing systems. The task was therefore to build a system in which personnel observations from all across Switzerland could be recorded, evaluated and displayed.


Paranor developed a solution comprising hardware and software. It enables current aircraft movements to be assessed often long before they are captured and displayed by electronic sensors. When it comes to low-flying aircraft, a trained observer can see a great deal more than a radar system. During the daytime, aircraft can be identified by their outward appearance. During the night, a trained ear can tell aircraft apart. The observers forward their findings via a simple input device to the system. Paranor designed and programmed the new observation and reporting system and was responsible for its commissioning.


The introduction of the Paranor solution has optimised the monitoring of Swiss airspace and enjoys a high level of acceptance among the people responsible. Operation and further development are in the hands of the Swiss army.

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