The integration robot iRobot is an independent PL/SQL application that runs in AvaFactory. iRobot is a Quality Gate – it performs a quality check for every change that is integrated by software developers.


To ensure that the developers at Avaloq could do their work as efficiently as possible, changes to the source code needed be checked using automated routines, and potential problems needed to be identified at an early stage. Avaloq and Paranor worked together to develop the iRobot concept as a solution for this challenge.


iRobot manages an arbitrary number of databases on behalf of the development team of Avaloq. It is multi-release capable and ensures load balancing. The robot can analyse the impact of changes and independently determines the type of integration testing that is required. iRobot evaluates the unit tests, investigates the dependencies between changes and supplies corresponding error reports and statistics. It can even search for root causes if there are problems.

In this project, Paranor was responsible for project management, analysis, design, implementation and integration in the existing environment of Avaloq. The project was implemented using the Scrum framework and is based in terms of technology on PL/SQL and Oracle Database.


iRobot was fully functional upon completion of the project, and Avaloq was able to use it productively without further adaptations. Today, iRobot still helps Avaloq every day to develop the most efficient software possible.

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