Knowledge transfer

Every purchaser of customer-specific software faces the challenge of how to successfully integrate the knowledge built up by the supplier into the customer’s organisation. As part of a scientifically supervised study, Paranor has developed an effective process methodology together with PostFinance.


The importance of software for every company and every organisation cannot be overstated. If an engineering partner like Paranor is hired to develop an application, the question will arise how to transfer the knowledge built up by the partner efficiently – and preferably completely – into the client’s own company. Paranor got together with the University of Zurich (UZH) to get to the bottom of this question.


Since Paranor has a great deal of expertise in the field of knowledge transfer, a situation analysis was performed as part of a large-scale study together with the UZH and PostFinance. State-of-the-art approaches were investigated, known methods were tested and a process methodology was developed. This method was checked using existing projects and applications in order to collect empirical data and further improve the approach. Project management was handled by PostFinance. Paranor developed the process methodology together with the UZH and led the way in the practical application of this innovative new method.


Once the method had been applied, the customer was equipped with the necessary knowledge required to take on the operation, maintenance and further development of the applications. With the increasing importance of software and the intensive cooperations that take place with engineering partners, the value of knowledge transfer will only increase.

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