Modernisation of the Swiss court dossier system

An Ada application has been in use for a long time at the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland. This application, which handles the administration of court judgements, was migrated by Paranor from OpenVMS to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


The Federal Supreme Court became aware of Paranor thanks to the company's experience in the programming language Ada and the operating system OpenVMS and its general know-how in relation to modernisation. Together with the Federal Supreme Court, a search was made for solutions to migrate the existing application DossPlus from OpenVMS to Red Hat Enterprise Linux without negatively affecting further development or availability of the application


In a close cooperation with the IT department of the Federal Supreme Court the application was initially analysed, and several work packages were then defined. Paranor concentrated on provisioning the new development and build environment, decoupling it from the previous operating system and adapting the core application and the user interface components to the new environment. At the same time, the employees of the Federal Supreme Court continued to develop and refine individual aspects of the application and looked after the migration of the database.


With completion of the modernisation, the Federal Supreme Court now has an application at its disposal that can continue to be operated and expanded for many years. Paranor has designed the environment in such a way that the employees of the Federal Supreme Court can find their way in it and continue to develop the application themselves.

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