Out-tasking: payment transaction platform

On a peak day, the payment transaction platform of PostFinance handles over 30 million transactions – which is more than half of all payment transactions in Switzerland. Paranor looks after this system as part of an out-tasking project, providing further development and support in the process.


Paranor built the payment transaction platform for PostFinance in the 1990s, and since then the company has been tasked with further development and maintenance of the platform under the overall responsibility of PostFinance. Once it became clear that the platform was starting to reach the end of its lifecycle, PostFinance and Paranor started to work together to find solutions for lowering costs and, at the same time, freeing up key personnel at PostFinance for new tasks


The ideal solution for this challenge was to out-task the payment transaction platform to Paranor. After decades of cooperation, PostFinance had great trust in Paranor and was happy to put the platform in the hands of Paranor. During this time, Paranor has ensured that the platform works around the clock and that support is always available. In addition, maintenance and new developments for the application have been implemented via two update releases per year. Paranor also adapted the application during this period to the point where it will still be available after the end of its productive life as an inexpensive data archive system.


Thanks to this out-tasking approach, PostFinance was able to free up important knowledge holders in its organisation for the new payment transaction platform that was to be built. Paranor has made available its vast wealth of knowledge about the Swiss payment transaction system, and the company helped to draw up the specifications for the new transaction platform. Thanks to this, PostFinance is now well equipped to meet future challenges with the new payment transaction platform.

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