Pilot project GLOBUS

A leading digital media company took the step into a new, agile approach in the field of business intelligence in the form of a pilot project. In terms of its technology, the pilot project utilises latest software and cloud services, which is why Paranor became involved as a cloud integrator.


Due to having an increasing share of digital media, the media company was forced to look for new ways to make collected data available to management more quickly and more flexibly. To enable agile expansion of both the infrastructure and of the type and number of reports generated, the pilot project used Amazon Redshift, a cloud-based data warehouse solution.


The advantage of cloud services is that the service is available at the push of a button and can be freely scaled – facts that this pilot project took full advantage of. Based on Amazon Redshift, a latest-generation data warehouse (DWH) was set up in a matter of days and populated with data from two online platforms of the media company. ETL software from Talend (Extract, Transform, Load) and a Business Intelligence Tool from Tableau were docked to the DWH. With the aid of this technology stack, the pilot project was able to demonstrate to the management the advantages and flexibility of such solutions in practice. During the build phase, Paranor took on the role of cloud integrator (Amazon Redshift) and consultant (data model and data transformation).


The pilot project was successfully completed and the customer was very excited by the opportunities that arose out of the project. The resulting basis showed the media company that they would be able themselves to migrate further areas and reports to this technology platform.

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