Project delivery

The core banking solution of Avaloq is very comprehensive and flexible. The software offers a correspondingly large number of parameterisation options, and in the past this made the task of putting together the right software packages a very complex affair. This was to be simplified with the delivery tool.


The purpose of the project was to create a tool that could be used to simplify the software releases for Avaloq's customers. To do this, not only was it necessary to collect information about the customer (users, roles, privileges, Avaloq landscape), but also to calculate the correct package composition. This resulted in an architecture with two web applications – MDM for master data management and DSS for calculation of the deliverables.


The two web applications MDM and DSS were implemented. MDM is responsible for the master data, such as organisation units, users, roles, privileges and the Avaloq landscape. In turn, DSS is responsible for the deliverables (calculation and installation of software packages depending on customer tickets). Delivery is based on a 3-tier architecture. Technologies like Oracle DB, Web Services including RESTful interfaces, web interfaces and JEE (Glassfish) are in use. A dedicated Paranor team was responsible for analysis, architecture and implementation on all three tiers.

The platform is available 24/7, as customers are distributed all around the globe and need day and night access to the system.


Paranor was not only involved during the project phase, but also helped to introduce the new solution – with individual concepts and dedicated, customer-specific introduction processes. Paranor was also responsible for 3rd-level support until Avaloq assumed operational responsibility. The software still remains in use and helps customers of Avaloq to bundle software packages.

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