System for information collection and analysis

Complete modernisation makes sense in cases where existing systems may still be working, but their technology components are increasingly being phased out and updates are no longer available. The Swiss Army also opted for a complete restructuring, counting on the competences of Paranor in the process.


The existing system for collecting and analysing information had become a bit long in the tooth. Technologies were being phased out, and it was becoming almost impossible to find expert personnel. It was time to modernise the software, both in terms of technology and in terms of operating concepts.


The system is based on a 3-tier architecture and contains rigorous role and privilege concepts so that data security can be ensured. For data collection, the system offers collaborative editors and is equipped with extensive tools for the creation of graphical situation reports. It goes without saying that high availability and resistance to network interruptions are a key part of this system.


The project was carried out by Paranor as the general contractor. Paranor was responsible for design, development, commissioning, training, 3rd-level support and further development.

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