The fight against money laundering

Paranor is helping PostFinance in its fight against money laundering. As part of this, our specialised industry know-how and our modelling tools are in great demand.


The legal basis and recommendations for anti-money laundering (AML) legislation are complex and are constantly being updated. As a financial services provider, PostFinance has an obligation to reliably implement these requirements. Together with the specialists from PostFinance, our challenge was to decide how to do this in the most efficient way at software level. 


Paranor modelled the affected areas. A business model represents rules of business, processes and data. From this we were able to derive a system model with data models, information flows, components and interfaces. UML (Unified Modelling Language) was used as the modelling language. Based on this modelling approach and detailed documentation, the in-house development teams at PostFinance were themselves able to make the required adaptations to the applications.


Within the overarching anti-money laundering project, Paranor was responsible for the sub-project “Modelling”. As well as providing IT consulting, Paranor also supplied two modelling tools that were used. Implementation of the project at PostFinance was completed successfully.

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