IT services that lead to solutions

Paranor will provide you with individual and comprehensive support. Consulting, development, implementation, maintenance, analysis, modernisation, automation, integration, project management, support, coaching and much, much more – Paranor will tailor the IT services to your requirements.


IT business Consulting

Paranor is your conversation partner for digital business. We offer a wealth of expertise and in-depth, wide-ranging advice. Please talk to us about your ideas.

Software solutions

Customer-specific software solutions

Paranor does the development work for you. Intelligent apps, web-based applications and individual software solutions.

Development partnership

Paranor is happy to work hand-in-hand with you

Paranor is open to development partnerships. We will contribute knowledge, experience and our IT competences. You will retain full control over the project.


Automation of IT processes

Paranor will boost your efficiency through automation. We use open-source software and develop tailor-made tools to ensure a smarter design for your individual, custom-built software solution.


Modernisation of legacy systems

Paranor will bring your company software up-to-date and help you become more competitive in the process.

Cloud integration

Cloud integration as a modern IT strategy

Whether or not to use cloud-based solutions has long ceased to be an issue for companies – the answer is, of course, a resounding “yes”. Paranor will show you how you can move your applications to the cloud and gain a competitive edge in the process.